Hello Reader:


Thank you for visiting the CK website. I hope you've enjoyed my books. I find national and world events fascinating, especially those that specifically relate to and impact women. I decided to write about that which I care about, using the power of the pen to spark discussion and maybe even make a postive difference. I imagine a world where we build bridges, not walls. This is a wonderful time for us. We were awakened and empowered with the move of #MeToo. I hope to further that advancement with this movement, #WeDo. Women Empowered. Doing 4 Ourselves. WE DO! The hand that rocks the cradle rules the nation. Let's continue to rock!


Blessings, CK

Before delving into the world of suspense, intrigue and inconvenient attraction, Camryn was the senior writer and managing editor for a  lifestyle magazine. An avid traveler, she's lived in or traveled to more than a dozen countries, and visited almost all fifty states. acquiring endless fodder for upcoming novels. Triple Threat is her second novel.


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